Thank you, William Wegman

Just learned that this photo of Calvin the Wonder Dog was selected by the one and only William Wegman as "Best in Show" in the Tri-State Weimaraner Rescue Photo Contest.


The Fonz

I've been wanting to photograph boxers for a long time now, and conveniently an old friend opened a boxing gym up in Stoneham.  So, I hoofed it up to Firicano Boxing and Fitness Center on a day when a sinkhole chose to open up on 93, tripling the ride time (I have nothing if not excellent timing).  Haven't made my way through all of the photographs but this one of Fonz Firicano, the gym mascot, made me laugh out loud.

You Talkin' to Moi?

Portrait of a Young Author

My nephew Braedon, age 6, writing his first novel on my iPad.  Pen and paper are so passé.