NICOLE & PJ | Expecting

While I was working in China for most of the summer, one of my very best friends from elementary school was back home baking a baby.  And she REALLY wanted maternity photos.   I wasn't about to let anyone else have the job, but feared that my return to the States was scheduled far too close to her due date.  Any delay on my part (i.e. United Airlines shenanigans) or impatience on Baby OB's part could foil our well-conceived plan to meet up the Sunday after I returned.  7,000 miles away from home for 35 days, I could do nothing but hope that Baby OB would wait for Auntie Julie to get home before busting out into the world.

As you may have ascertained from the fact that this blog post exists at all, United failed in their attempts to strand me in Chicago (Thank you, JetBlue) and the little darling decided to stay put for our session (Thank you, Baby OB!).  

I love Nicole and PJ as a couple and get a kick out of photographing them.  I shot their engagement photos back in 2010 and knew that I was in for a load of goofiness this time around as well.  PJ never fails to make his baby-mama laugh.

I met the expectant parents at their already-jam-packed-with-all-things-baby-related home in Salem, MA on an overcast Sunday morning - perfect for photos!  After fueling up on carbs and caffeine at the local Starbucks, we got down to business.  The crowded tourist-laden streets were off-limits due to royal decree (PJ really didn't want to pose in front of hoards of people) so we wandered down towards the less crowded waterfront in search of interesting backdrops.

Stand over there, please.  Climb on that, please.  Look at me.  Look at him.  Walk all the way to the edge, please.  Yes, all the way.  Don't fall in!  PJ, stop making faces.  PJ, stop groping your wife.  PJ, stop running away!  PJ!  

A perfectly amusing way to spend a Sunday morning.
Now that these photo are in the can, I can't wait for Baby OB to hurry up arrive!  So demanding, I know.  Check back soon for newborn photos, for there will be many!

Enjoy the pics.  I hope you like them.






While I am a firm believer in the notion that a photo is worth 1,000 words or more, I have decided it's time to add words to this blog of mine.  This is a fairly significant leap for me, so please bear with me as I will undoubtedly flail around for a bit in my search for just the right things to say. My humble apologies in advance for any instances of inadvertently inflicted boredom, shock, chagrin or similarly unpleasant feeling.

Here goes nothing...