This shoot, with the adorable little Miss Zoe, brought me back to my old stomping grounds - Fenway Park.  Five years removed from my tenure as Staff Photographer for the team, returning to Fenway is always bittersweet.  The concourse, the stands and the field are ripe with memories of seasons past - those both heart-warming and heart-breaking.  On this day, however, there was nothing but joy for Zoe and her parents as we made our way from the top of the monster to the stands and, finally, to the outfield.  They lovingly watched as she discovered the historic field where thousands of games have been played for millions of fans and she walked in the footsteps of some of the most enduring legends of the game.

For those who work at the ballpark every day it can be easy to take her beauty for granted.  The glimmering emerald field under a crystal blue sky can sometimes fade into the background of a hectic game day filled with seemingly never-ending demands.  In reality, though, she is the star of the show and on this gorgeous fall day, with the equipment packed away and another season in the rear-view, she was the perfect setting for a beautiful little girl who really likes to play in the warning track dirt.